Get Access To (What We Feel) Is The Industry’s Best Kept Secret: Make Money From The Market With Less Than 5 Minutes A Day!
Give your trading a statistical edge!
Make money with recurring seasonal patterns that has more than 80% reliability factor.
Thanks so much Kar Yong! I just wished I found out about seasonal trade ideas way earlier. It's really a stress free approach towards trading and investing.

- Neville
Thank you Kar Yong for sharing with us your seasonal trade ideas. I've made more than 30% return so far just by spending 5 mins a day keying in your trade ideas.

- Rachel
It's really easy, and honestly I couldn't believe it. I always thought I have to spend many hours in order for me to profit from trading and investing.

- Kar Chiang
Statistics Tell Us This…
Did you know? 

71% of retail traders and investors end up losing their capital and hard-earned money.

As you can see, the statistics don’t look good!

I was shocked when I saw that such a huge percentage of traders and investors will have issues being consistently profitable.

Here’s how we can help...
Finally, Make Money From The Market With Less Than 5 Minutes A Day!
Do you want to finally be able to profit consistently from the market?

How would you feel if...
  • You finally able to start making money consistently from the financial market?
  • You finally have an alternative stable and predictable income source?
  • You finally able to step closer towards your financial freedom?
You no longer have to worry, guess or even pay for another over-priced trading and investment course...
Introducing 🔍 Seasonal Trade Ideas
With Seasonal Trade Ideas, you no longer have to bother with what stocks to trade, waste time on analyzing and researching the market, or get frustrated not sure when to enter and exit...
Here’s How This Is Different
We’re here to shake things up, because there is a MUCH better way to do things in the finance industry.

Right now, here’s what everyone else is doing: Providing education and training.

Don't get me wrong, we strongly believe in having a proper education and the knowledge and trade and invest safely. (We do provide education and training too.)

The problem with this is that… Not everyone has the time and commitment to learn from scratch.

Here’s how this is different. With Seasonal Trade Ideas, we’re actually the FIRST (& probably the ONLY) ones to provide you with the EXACT trades to execute backed by empirical data and statistics.
This is a complete game-changer because:
  • ALL the hard work and research have been done for you so that you'll no longer have to waste time figuring things out on your own.
  • You'll be able to follow our trade ideas and make money with recurring seasonal patterns that have >80% reliability factor.
  • You'll no longer be trading based on guesswork. You'll now be able to trade based on empirical statistics and give your trading a statistical edge! Reduce your risk and back your decisions statistically.
Our subscribers say that we’re their best-kept secret 🤫
Make Money with Seasonal Trade Ideas
In less than 5 mins a day...
  • Receive Seasonal Trade Ideas directly to your email
  • Enter and Buy the Selected Stocks on specific Date
  • Exit and Sell the Selected Stocks on specific Date
* We are not a broker and you will need to have a stock broker account to execute these trades. 
✅ This Is For You If...
  • ​You need step-by-step guidance to profit consistently from the market. You don’t want to do this by yourself because you know that the fastest way to get results is to get help from a trader and investor who has already done what you want to do.
  • You’re tired of jumping from solution to solution and still finding yourself struggling to make money from the financial market. I have good news! Seasonal Trade Ideas will be PERFECT for you. Unlike all these alternatives that you have tried, we can actually get you results, because we have over 200+ years of statistics to back us up.
  • You believe that trading and investing in the financial market is an important vehicle to help you achieve your financial independence. This is a key belief you need to have if you want to make money from the financial market because you'll need to be following and executing the trades given to you consistently.
❌ This Is NOT For You If...
  • You are someone who procrastinate. We are looking for traders and investors who are action-takers, who do not keep second-guessing themselves and are able to make decisions that will serve & help them. You’ll need to be an action-taker if you want to achieve anything in life, and profiting from the financial market is one of them!
  • ​You believe that trading and investing is a GET-RICH-QUICK solution. Unfortunately, we cannot work with people who have this mindset. Here’s the thing: People who have this belief often are unable to profit consistently because they are always risking too much, only to end up losing all their hard-earn money. The correct perspective you should have if you want to succeed is to know that trading and investing is all about probability and having that extra edge on your side.
        What You Will Get With 🔍 Seasonal Trade Ideas
        • Selected stocks for the week: so that you know what to focus and trade for the week
        • Specific date to enter: so that you'll get in at the best timing based on empirical statistics
        • Exact date to exit: so that you'll be able to maximize your profits and profit with a statistical edge
        About The Founder Behind Seasonal Trade Ideas
        Hello! I’m Kar Yong. Here’s a 10-second summary of my 9-year journey that eventually resulted in the launch of Seasonal Trade Ideas and a life-long mission to help others achieve their financial independence through trading and investing.

        9 years ago, I was just like many others, struggling with my finances. Because of that, my struggle with money kickstarted my journey to become an independent trader and investor. 

        There were days when I had to worry about my finances, where my bank account balance was less than $20, and I had to keep my budget-constrained just to ensure that I have sufficient cash to tie through the month.
        After a ton of trial-and-error, painful lessons and hard work, I finally managed to be the independent trader and investor I always wanted to. And I also realized that I have a huge passion to help others do the same. I strongly believe that the financial market is one of the most powerful vehicles to achieve our financial independence. 

        Since then, I’ve helped over thousands of traders and investors to acquire the proper knowledge and skillset towards trading and investing; and served over 300 members of the 🔍 Seasonal Trade Ideas.

        I am also honored to have been featured on Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia Money Mind: Young Investors, and awarded the Most Popular FX Trainers in Malaysia and the Top Forex Analyst in Asia by WikiFX.

        During my free time, I love to explore various boutique cafes and I'm a MINI 🚘 fan too!
        Kar Yong has spoken at:
        Make Money and Be Profitable, Or You Pay Nothing
        I am 100% confident that 🔍 Seasonal Trade Ideas will give you everything you need to make a decent profit from the financial market. 

        I run a tiny online business (compared to the mega-corps) and customer satisfaction is very important to me. No customer is too small to matter. I don't want to take your money if I'm not able to help you.

        While I can't promise you how much exactly you'll profit from the market, in fact, no one can, I put my money right where my mouth is - we are traders ourselves, and we trade what we share. 

        And if we don't make any profits from the market for the year, we'll cover your subsequent yearly membership for FREE. All the risk is on me!

        At eSmart Academy, we Practice what we Preach
        and we value being authentic, honest and transparent

        We are traders ourselves, and we trade what we share.
        In 2020 our portfolio returned 36.73%, with a max drawdown of just 6.20%.
        How fast till I get results? 📈
        This depends! We are unable to guarantee results for legal reasons - we can’t predict what you will do with Seasonal Trade Ideas! I can say this though - since October 2020 (when we launched this) we’ve had over 100% gains that you can view on this page. In general, it is not uncommon for most member to get results within 4 weeks.
        Do you have a payment plan? 💳
        You can either subscribe to the Yearly Premium Plan (where you get 2 months of subscription free) or you can subscribe to the Monthly Premium Plan for just less than $1.99 a day.
        Why is this so affordable? 🤑
        I know right, it is insane. This is because I am hoping that you will subscribe to this, receive a ton of amazing value from it, and come
        keep your subscription plan while you continue to profit from the market.
        How easy is it to use 🔍 Seasonal Trade Ideas?
        I’ve created Seasonal Trade Ideas to be as easy to follow as it can possibly get.

        All you have to do is to check your email, enter and exit the selected stock(s) during the specific date.

        Whenever there is a trade to be execute, you will receive an email on that day to keep you reminded.
        What kind of 🤝🏻 support can I expect to get?
        We pride myself in providing the best support possible for all our subscribers.

        If you need support at any point, email us with your questions at We are just an email away!
        How much time ⏰ do I need for this?
        All you need is less than 5 minutes a day. You receive an email from us whenever there is a trade to execute, log in to your broker account and execute those trade(s). 
        Will this work for beginners? 🆕
        Yes. If you're very new to trading and investing, or even the financial market, and you’re wondering if Seasonal Trade Ideas will work for you - I've got news for you! This is well suited for you as we've done all the research and all the hard work for you. All you have to do is to follow the instructions, execute the trades, and you're in good hands.
        Could you summarize everything that I’ll be getting today? 🎁
        You'll get ALL the Seasonal Trade Ideas sent to your email inbox. Example of the trade(s) you'll receive:

        Name: Valero Energy Corporation
        Ticker: VLO
        Entry Date: 14th Dec
        Exit Date: 1st Feb
        Reliability Factor: 80%
        Average Return: 9.71%

        Name: Gold
        Ticker: GLD
        Entry Date: 16th Dec
        Exit Date: 24th Feb
        Reliability Factor: 80%
        Average Return: 6.62%
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